The Shamanic Sharing Circle was birthed in November 2013 by shamanic practitioner, 4th level paqo,  and life long earth lover and learner  of the Celtic, Druid and Pagan traditions, Elizabeth Calderara.  Whether you are already following your own spiritual path, seeking inner peace or wanting to add to your spirituality, we warmly  welcome you to our Sharing and Learning Circle. 

Run by Elizabeth and Karen Puttick, initiated Wiccan High Priestess who works with nature, and faeries. These two women open the circle for teachings, sharing experiences, guidance and joyous fun for all who seek to follow a spiritual path. No previous knowledge or practice is needed, all are welcome.

Meetings: £12.00 per person.
Thoughts from some of the circle.
‘It’s fun and welcoming’ - Jess
‘Really enjoyed this evening, thank you’  Jenny
‘Thank you so much for the circle yesterday evening, I felt energised and yet calm when I got home.’ Dee

For meeting dates and venue, to book your cushion space, call us, Elizabeth Calderara on 0779 1659 554.