Pia Morgan
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Hi my name is Pia. I'm just going to give you a little bit about me. I'm a clairvoyant medium, that's my day job, I’ve followed a pagan path for a long time but I didn't even know I'd followed it, it seemed to just come natural to me, then I met my mentor, Sue Russel, in Lincoln in the 80s, she helped me find my true path! Sitting in circle and witchcraft came later too.
I fell in love in the late 90s & moved to Daventry, I was very quiet for 10 years while I brought my hubby's kids up, and then I moved to Long Buckby, where I run my circle and small groups. I'd always put on a little gathering for both solstices every year as I was a solitary witch, but felt the need to gather them up on a summer and yule solstice. After many years I just couldn't fit everyone in the house or the garden, and so to say I looked for a hall to do it in.  

So running up to this I seemed to find even more people that wanted to come, so I decided to start a coven. I called it *witches of the wharf * - I still run the Facebook pages. This was a little place I run and it was great for a year; we did workshops, moots, events but the people wanting to use it as well as me didn't want us witches using it, after I did so much work to it after a massive samhain celebration there they forced us out after I had 45 people come to our events they didn't like it! So we left there after a long struggle to keep it, and to this day it looks sad and lonely and only gets used about once a month by the parish council & polling station; they lost out on lots of money from rent, their loss, but as us witches do onwards and upwards.

I run coven and moots from Daventry & Rugby with the girls there are about 12 of us, 5 elders and some new people. I also go to Wolfstone in Blackpool & help on camp as I’ve had my wicca initiation in to hare and moon coven! It was so lovely, we're a happy bunch of witches as to say!  We welcome all paths to moots, we are always looking for speakers and Dems too,  thanks Pia
*  I'm very happy to be the Daventry Co-ordinator for our district  BB to all *